How to create a youtube channal step by step and earn online money from it 2022-2023



How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

How to create a youtube channal step by step and earn online money from it

Make Money Online from Youtube

Create a youtube channal step by step including the key optimization setting that most people must do, that will help you maximize your result and make money out of it even if you never used or already started.

Now youtube has become the second (2rd) popular search engine in the World, so it's no wonder that more and more people wanna get on the platform and to learn how to make a youtube channal of their own.

So with the right process and a little optimization of some key channel settings you can quickly set your self off and your new channal up for success ready to maximize your views, your subscribers and your traffic on youtube inorder to make money out of youtube .

Top tips to optimize a youtube channal, get traffic and make money from youtube

Now I really wanna make sure that you're paying attention here because as we go through this I'm gonna be covering off the top tips that we're learned to really help you optimize your channal and content so that youtube wants to promote it now i also wanna let you know that what we've put out in the description below is essentally a resource or a tool for helping you set up your youtube channal and make money out of it including videos, all of the resources the gear the software, the tools the stuff we use and that we recommend but also direct links to tutorials that are gonna help you drive deeper in the things covering relatively fast in this tutorial.

Things like your branding and thunbnails and channal art, all of those we have dedicated walkthrough tutorials on those specific elements if you do wanna drive deeper on them."the link will be at end of this tutorial"

So the first thing you need to do is to head over to youtube.comand click sign in in the top right hand corner and you're prompted to login.

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

So if you already have a google account or gmail or email address. If you don't have one first create google account click me

Sign in with the google account that wanna associate with your youtube account, if you don't have one yet,then you click create account below in the bottom left corner as in the image below:

how to earn money online youtube

There are two types of channals ie personal and bussiness channal.

1. Personal channal

2.Business/ Brand channal

The Personal channal that is the one linked to a personal Google account or your personal gmail account and only you can access or only people who are logging into that exact account with that username and password, are able to manage that youtube channal

The other thing to know with a personal channal, is that the youtube channal name is going to be your own name but the second option you have is to create youtube channal insttead of a personal account but as a brand channaland this is gonna give you access to thing like a custom channal name so it doesn't need to just be your personal name and you can also assing other people, or other Google account as the channal managers on your channal so you don't need to be giving out your personal Google account logo details to any one you wanna have help you out with your channal, you can actually just great them with their login details to access your channal,

So you need to setect either a personal channal or a Brand channal but do note that you switch from a person channal to a brand channal at alate date as a personal account can convert it over to a brand youtube channal later to increase your online earnings with Youtube

But what i would recommend and what i use is a band channal so that we can have multiple people managing the channal so once you're signed in youtube using your google account you can come up to the top right hand corner to your little profile picture

how to earn money online youtube

If you don't have a channal yet, this is your first time logging in youtube you can click here to create a youtube channal when you click your profile picture, you will be able to access your account but may be you wanna create a brand new brand youtube channal so that when you have to core down to settings and go to add or manage your channals and here will show all the channals that you already have access to you create a new channal one by hitting the plus butt in the top left corner as shown in image below:

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

So going back over to our new channal set up you will see words asking if you wanna create a personal channal or you wanna use a custom name which is creating a brand youtube channal, you wanna select brand channal now this is where you get decide your youtube channal name, now it could be that you're still opting to use the personal name and if you're not gonna go with your name, I would suggest try to keep it on topic or some hoe related to the content that you are going to be adding to your channal but do know that it is possible to change your channal name after you have set it so it not much a big deal now we have got a video specifically on this topic "how to pick your youtube channal name and make money out of it"

Selecting your channal name taking about you through a couple of different process and a couple of different things that you can do to help you land on the pefect channal for you. So again, that gonna be in the recourses below ths paragraph:

How to pick your youtube channal name and make money out of it

It's giving us the next step here which is to upload the profile picture so you will upload the profile picture and then you can come down and then navigate through and a picture.

Once you've got your profile picture in, you can come down and they're a slang you now to tell your views about your youtube channal so this section youtube channal description so what you wanna add into this section here is a few sentences or a shout shap paragraph. Including who you are, what your channal is about and what veiwses can expect on your channal.

What type of content that you're putting out and now a pro tip here is that you can actually optimize this up to help your channal rank by adding in some keywords and some key phrases around the content that you are going to cover here so it's improtant to add some of those keywords and some key tags in to the channal description here, also the channal tags which we're to cover gonna give you soon and also inside the videos them selves. That gonna give you the best chance of getting your videos and your channal ranking on youtube faster.

Now make sure you stick around in the website the end of this because I'm to share with you our youtube ranking guide to help you do this for your videos and your channal. so here is our channal description in the image below to give you an idea of the type of things you put in there we've got abit of on intro,'welcome to',introducong your self and what we do talk about the type of videos that were putting out on your youtube channal and asking people to subscribe.

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

Next up you're gonna add a link to your website if you have one, and also your social media profiles. You can add facebook, twitter, instagram and hit the save and continue button okay when that's complete the next thing you wanna do is to veify your channal

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

This gonna unlock some extra feactres and things in there so you in image above so you wanna come up again to your profile image come down to setting click channal status features you can see there are different things that you can unlock for your channal and the first tip unlocking these, is veifying your channal so hit verify

Next you wanna come through select your country you can either do it then with an automated voice message sent to your phone and then enter the verification code and your youtube channal is now verified so it doesn't take much to verify your channal and you see it straight away that now your channal can access thumbnails, external annotation, you can upload longer videos and you can upload videos unlisted and also private.

So once that's done wanna go through and set up you actual channalsi if you see go up in the upper right corner to return to youtube studio we'll then go to our actual channal on youtube

You can view your channal on youtube anD This is where you can add in our channal art or your branding to make this look and feel like your brand now we have walkthrough video of creating your youtube banner and some really advance tip and techniques in there as well

How to Make a YouTube Banner (YouTube Channel Art Tutorial!)

You get to either upload a photos use or use any photo that are already uploaded on your google account on there's some in the gallery from YouTube that youtube can use just pick one of the images now you can adjust the crop you can see that this does look totally an desktop, TV and moblie so if you wanna adjust the crop zoom in or crop something out you can do this as well may be position it up abit and hit select so that how you can upload youtube channal art.

You obviously see your your description if you need to make changes to it you can edit by clicking the pencil icon but there's some other details that we can in as well. So for bussiness incquires you can add in a email address so it's easy for people to fird an email address to contact you, if you wanna add a location for your channal you can do that as well.

So go back to youtube studio dushboard down to the bottom to setting and then down under channal and in here there's more sittings to costomize up your channal first so we're gonna go first over to this one here, branding this is a little branding water mark that you can add to your videos it also acts as a subscribe button so you could just use your profile picture or you could make some little small subscribe button and thento choose where you this display so whether it's on screen the entire,time whether it starts at five seconds in, or whether it's only shown at the end of the video

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

So I recommend to leave it at custom start time, it starts about five seconds in because that's gonna be after any ads or anything showing at the bottom of your videos then across to advanced settings this is something that you will need to speafy whether your channal is aimed at kids content or whether you're creating content that is made for kids or not so you will need to specify that yes, this channal is made for kids we can have kids content on it or this channal is not made for kids now do know that you also have a third option here that you want to reveiw this setting for every video, so you manually set this on per video basis as well so you with this channal is made for kids if you do have a Google Ads Account

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

You can link Google Ads Account by just clicking a link and if you a cross to basic info this where we're able to add in some keywords or some key tags associated with your channal to gain show YouTube what your channal and your content is about to give it everything it needs to best show your channal and your videos, up in search results and on the youtube platform so it conld be that starting off e=with some obvious ones.

So now that your channalis pretty close to bang setup we can now go through and add in any managers or any other account that you like to have as managers on your channal so to do that go back to your profile picture, head to youtube just to take you back to your youtube dushboard and then click on the profile picture you're gonna get more options so you come down to settings and then you can add and remove managers down in here under channal managers just click add or remove managers

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

You can assing people to be managers on your channal now while we're on this page.

How to create a youtube channel step by step and earn online money from it

View advaned settings so in here is where it gives you your user ID, your channal ID, in case you need those to link up things which like TubeBuddy or other youtube channal management tools which we use and strongly recommend. And onther thing that's URL, Once your channal has been approved for it

So if we go back to our channal page now this channal is now set up and ready to go for you to start uploading contact obviously all you need to do then is film some videos and come up here and hit upload video and you're good to go.

So that's a complete walkthrough on creating and setting up your youtube channal

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